Hidden stories

I find that there is something rather enchanting and compelling about waterfalls. In the midst of the dramatic, it beholds an inner stillness that enables my soul to wander, and deep reflection to occur. It exudes life. It inspires. It heals. It speaks. It speaks many stories, which is the purpose of this photograph. 

A waterfall has an immense force, and when freezing this movement with my camera, small stories amidst the water appear. By mirroring the photograph I have put emphasis on the mystical which I believe waterfalls to encompass. You might notice that faces form in the water as you examine the photos. You might find that your imagination takes you on many different journeys as you take in all of the little elements that make up this photograph. And most probably, we will not experience the same stories, and that is why each encounter with this photograph, for those who take the time to really absorb it, will be completely unique.