The Motorcycle Factory - Stories from Nigeria

In the end of June 2014 I travelled to Nigeria for 10 days, to create a story for a large Danish company. A new harbour terminal has had a great impact on the country’s businesses and its citizens. Today it is possible to easily and effectively get goods in and out of the country, whereas there were many issues before. For example it only takes 48 hours to get a container through the harbour now, whereas it used to take up to a month. Furthermore, with new initiatives, such as changing the system; from paperwork to digital, they have come to grips with corruption. Obviously this exciting new change has had a huge impact on the businesses who are dependent on importation and exportation. During our time in Nigeria, my team and I visited several local businesses, e.g. a small village coco farm, motorcycle factory – who import motorcycles, assemble them and sell throughout Nigeria, a big production company and a local village school, the latter which I have shared a story about here. It was an incredibly inspiring trip, and we got some amazing stories and photos to bring home with us.

Today I would like to share photos from the motorcycle factory. They import parts from motorcycles and assemble them to make motorcycles that are sold as taxis.

And here is a iphone snap that I quite like...