Film for Volvo & Barbara I Gongini - April 2015

Earlier this year I made this film with Thomas Ørum and Danny Santana from Greyworks. The film is for a collaboration between Barbara i Gongini and Volvo for Copenhagen Fashion week 2015. 

"During Cph Fashion Week in February this year Volvo teamed up with renowned fashion designer BARBARA I GONGINI to create a short film around her show at Copenhagen’s City Hall. The filming and production took place during Fashion Week and created a lot of buzz as both local and international fashionistas witnessed eight brand new all-black Volvos take to the streets of late night Copenhagen. The high-end vehicles functioned as VIP shuttles to both press, models and industry professionals and made quite a statement to the already present BMW shuttle service. Volvo is taking a new road in 2015 and teaming up with edgy artists is part of the strategy." Quote from here.