Reborn Raw

A little while back I met up with the guys behind REBORN RAW, a new tough obstacle race that challenges you both physically and mentally, on the website they say: "The nature of the race will appeal to your inner team player. REBORN RAW will transform you into a stronger and better you.". The race is kicked off on the 6th of September in Ledreborg Slot, Denmark, and then races will be held across Europe from September 2014 - November 2015. Cities include: Frankfurt, Bucharest, Ankara, Paris, Warsaw and many more. Check out the website for more info. 

So, one early morning I woke up before sunrise, and travelled to Ledreborg Slot (Eng: Castle) to shoot some photos of the guys practicing the race. Safe to say: it's one tough race, and I'm sure you will agree once you have scrolled down the screen: