I Shot It, Black-And-White photo competition 2015 - April 2015

Earlier this year I participated in the competition I Shot It - Black and White Photo Competition 2015, and was honoured to be given the award: Mark Of Excellence for portrait.

I participated with two photos of which both of them archieved the award . One was the a portrait of Danish actor Esben Dalgaard, which I shot in Copenhagen with the Leica S and Summicron-S 100 that Leica so kindly had lent to me for a week so I could test it. About this portrait the judges said: "Beautiful portrait, technically perfect and captures the mood of an interesting person".

The second photo was one from the Olora, farming community in rural Nigeria (which you can read more about here). The photo is from the village school, taken with the Nikon d800e. Of this photo the judges said: "Lovely atmosphere and clean, sharp composition".