Shooting stars

I would let you in on a secret… The person in this photo, which you might have come across if you have followed my work in the past, is in fact myself. 

Now, how did the photo come to be? 

The photo was shot after I had visited the The Summit Of Mauna Kea, Onizuka Centre for International Astronomy - Hawaii. A big storm was heading our way and we was told to leave the center and travel back down the mountain. However, on the way down, I decided to stop at a parking lot and set up my gear and capture the mesmerising night scape. I went into my car, got a jumper with a vibrant colour and my head torch, set my camera and self timer and ran across to the other side and faced the sky with the head torch in place. 

Some details… 

Shot at an aperture 4000 meters... with Nikon d810 and Carl Zeiss 18mm. Exif: f/3.5 - 15,00 s - ISO 1600.