I Shot It, Black-And-White photo competition 2015 - April 2015

Earlier this year I participated in the competition I Shot It - Black and White Photo Competition 2015, and was honoured to be given the award: Mark Of Excellence for portrait.

I participated with two photos of which both of them archieved the award . One was the a portrait of Danish actor Esben Dalgaard, which I shot in Copenhagen with the Leica S and Summicron-S 100 that Leica so kindly had lent to me for a week so I could test it. About this portrait the judges said: "Beautiful portrait, technically perfect and captures the mood of an interesting person".

The second photo was one from the Olora, farming community in rural Nigeria (which you can read more about here). The photo is from the village school, taken with the Nikon d800e. Of this photo the judges said: "Lovely atmosphere and clean, sharp composition".

Film for Volvo & Barbara I Gongini - April 2015

Earlier this year I made this film with Thomas Ørum and Danny Santana from Greyworks. The film is for a collaboration between Barbara i Gongini and Volvo for Copenhagen Fashion week 2015. 

"During Cph Fashion Week in February this year Volvo teamed up with renowned fashion designer BARBARA I GONGINI to create a short film around her show at Copenhagen’s City Hall. The filming and production took place during Fashion Week and created a lot of buzz as both local and international fashionistas witnessed eight brand new all-black Volvos take to the streets of late night Copenhagen. The high-end vehicles functioned as VIP shuttles to both press, models and industry professionals and made quite a statement to the already present BMW shuttle service. Volvo is taking a new road in 2015 and teaming up with edgy artists is part of the strategy." Quote from here.


And we are off to another exhibition!

I am very proud to announce that my beloved Iceland Stadium photo will be heading to The U.S. It has been chosen by curator Chantel Paul for a fine art exhibition: Landscapes.

It has only been a few weeks since this photo returned to me from another exhibition, and now I sent it off again. Great times!

I am very happy with everything that is happening.
Thank you for your support, everyone!


Great news!

I am very proud to announce that one of my Iceland photographs has been chosen for the Spring exhibition for the renowned Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Central Copenhagen. I am deeply humbled that a photograph, that I hold very dear, will be featured in the Spring exhibition, that has a history that dates back to 1857.

This means a lot to me, and I am so excited about the wonderful things that are happening right now.
Have a great Thursday everyone!


Hawaii - November 2014

If you have been following this blog, you know I have been out travelling quite a bit lately. Twice to the US and the first time included a trip to beautiful Hawaii. Here some photos from the trip, a bit lighter than my usual style, I am trying out some new things. Enjoy!

Tom Lindboe signing with Getty Images - September 2014

A little while back I was contacted by Getty Images as they were interested in working with me, and since Seattle, Washington, was just across the boarder from Vancouver, I stopped by for a meeting. The meeting went really well and I have been signed to their 'Global Assignment' department. Together with Getty Images, I am now putting together a portfolio  that covers industrial, portrait, landscape and CSR photography. I look forward to working with the cool people in Seattle! Of course we decided to do a bit sight seeing in Seattle whilst we were there, here are some iPhone photos!

Canadian travel log pt. 1 - September 2014

A few weeks ago I boarded the plane and headed for Canada for some much anticipated "Summer" holidays. We travelled to Whistler, and did some awesome mountain biking and enjoyed the amazing scenery of British Columbia. Just spectacular! Of course I had to get some shots of this amazing, foggy - almost mystical - place, which I will share with you later, until then here is some iPhone footage from my time there.

NovoZymes - September 2014

This monday I had the pleasure of shooting campaign photos for NovoZymes with the advertising company Advance. We had four classical musicians in the studio and I have to say it was an absolute delight shooting whilst they were performing beautiful classical music. We look forward to showing you the final photos! Until then, here is some "behind the scenes" photos...

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind 2 - September 2014

A few weeks ago I travelled to Esbjerg to shoot some more photos for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. I was there to document the off shore wind turbine installations, which they load on to a huge jack-up vessel, that transports them to the middle of the North Sea where they will be be installed as offshore wind farms. Here are some of the shots...

Reborn Raw

A little while back I met up with the guys behind REBORN RAW, a new tough obstacle race that challenges you both physically and mentally, on the website they say: "The nature of the race will appeal to your inner team player. REBORN RAW will transform you into a stronger and better you.". The race is kicked off on the 6th of September in Ledreborg Slot, Denmark, and then races will be held across Europe from September 2014 - November 2015. Cities include: Frankfurt, Bucharest, Ankara, Paris, Warsaw and many more. Check out the website for more info. 

So, one early morning I woke up before sunrise, and travelled to Ledreborg Slot (Eng: Castle) to shoot some photos of the guys practicing the race. Safe to say: it's one tough race, and I'm sure you will agree once you have scrolled down the screen:

Testing Nikon D810 in Iceland

Upon receiving my new camera, I obviously had to test it out somewhere really cool – and what better place to do that than Iceland with its beautiful and dramatic landscapes? As I was planning my trip, I was approached by a film crew who wanted to make a small film about me. For four days they followed me around Iceland, documenting what I do and what inspires me. We drove over 1500 km in those four days, and got to experience some of the most remarkable places that Iceland has to offer. Land Rover kindly lent us a Discovery for the total of 9 days in which we was there. The right car for the terrain and plenty of space for all our gear. After we finished filming, we joined a little football match in the most incredible little stadium in the village of Vík. Needless to say, I twisted my knee which resulted in me hobbling around for the remainder of the trip.

My journey was 9 days long, I have driven 2400 km, experiencing all kinds of weather; sun, fog and rain. And now? Now I'm sitting in the airport, about to board my plane to go back to Copenhagen.

Scroll down for photos and after some behind the scenes snaps:

One Happy Guy

On the last blog post, I told you that I am changing format; from being a Canon man for many years, I have changed back to the format of my first camera: Nikon! So 10 days ago I finally received my new camera: The Nikon D810! And Goecker shared this photo of me with my new toys. One happy guy!

Testing another format - July 2014

A few weeks back I borrowed some Nikon gear of a friend of mine and fellow photographer, Henrik Adamsen and Kenneth from Goecker helped me out with some awesome lenses. I have decided to change format: after having used Canon for a long time on location, I have decided to invest in the new Nikon D810 with 36,3 megapixels. It is still to be released, but come mid July and I'm off to Iceland to test my new camera.

However, prior to making up my mind, I tested out some Nikon equipment in Klitmøller in Northern Jutland, and got some cool landscape and nature photos. Check out the photos below and scroll down for some "backstage" footage.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind - June 2014

My new client is the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, a joint venture between companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Vestas Wind Systems. We photographed their new wind turbine V164/8MW; which is the world's largest wind turbine with a height of 140 meters and wingspan of 164 meters. They originally contacted us because they wanted photos with a certain dramatic feel and hero portraits to portray the harsh nature of working off shore, a dramatic feel which just happens to be our speciality. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind bought one of our Scotland photos (see below on flyer), which is now frequently e.g. at their latest press conference, where the photo was used for both name tags and leaflets, the photo is to become their 'image' photo for their website, etc., in the future. In late May we travelled to the wind turbine test center near Thisted to photograph the V164/8MW wind turbine. Photographing from an altitude of 140 meters was an overwhelming experience, realizing how enormous the wings of the wind turbine are when you come up close.

Here are selection of the photos we shot for them:

Some Iphone snaps – a great view is guaranteed from an altitude of 140 meters:

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind press conference, May 2014

Leaflet from the press conference, with the photos:

Royal Danish Navy ship, Najaden P523 - April 2014

Monday was one of those days where I just love my job. I was, together with my good friend Mikkel Bern, on board on a Navy Ship all day, taking photos of the crew, for a small project I am working on. The boat is a patrol boat and the main tasks are surveillance, maintaining of sovereignty, search and rescue and environmental protection. This is a few photos from the day and some behind the scene shots. Thanks a lot to the Crew of Najedan P523, for having us on board.

(First some iPhone photos and then the real stuff...)